About CSS Lift

The Story

CSS Lift is an online CSS minifier, developed by the web developer Samuel Heinz. The idea was to reduce the filesize of your CSS and simultaneously increase the performance of your website.

With four options you have the possibility to customize your final CSS file for your needs and reduce the filesize by 30%-80%. This is archived by removing whitespace characters, comments and empty CSS blocks which are not needed for the rendering of your website.

Additional Hint

For additional website speed reduce the number of CSS files you include in your HTML and put all CSS codelines in one file and minify it with CSS Lift. This reduces the HTTP Requests and also saves time.


CSS Lift only converts valid CSS.

CSS Lift can only minify your CSS code, if you have a valid CSS syntax. If you're not shure if you miss a character or to prevent errors in your code, just check it with CSS LINT. It shows you your errors and warnings in the CSS before you minify the CSS filesize with CSS Lift.

Why should you minify your CSS

It's just simple. It makes your website to load faster. A minified CSS file is upto 80% smaller than a normal CSS with spaces and long CSS commands.

This is improtant for you visitors, because noone wants to wait and see your website loading slow. Also Google notice a good performanced website and you'll get a better Google rank position.

What does the CSS Lift otions mean?

1. Remove empty blocks:

If this option is selected, empty CSS blocks of classes or ids were deleted.

2. Remove last semicolons:

Removes the last semicolon of a CSS line, because it isn't necessary for a valid CSS code and you also safe some filesize.

3. Convert CSS3 properties:

If you uses CSS3 declarations, they will get translated to their browser specific counterparts. For example for the current versions of Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

4. Convert CSS3 properties:

The implementation of the emulation of CSS Level 3 variables is based on CSS Variables Revision 1.0 by Daniel Glazman (Disruptive Innovations) and David Hyatt (Apple, Inc.).